Meccanica FB Technology and precision

The covered area of the garage is about 2.400 mq, we use technological equipments, in this way we can do our work perfectly and efficiently. Thanks to our innovations, we assure high quality standards and with respect to execution time. Our reference market is the presses factory; we are specialized in working of connecting rods for presses.

Thanks to the use of pieces locking through the magnetic clamping, we don’t move the semi-worked pieces and then re-locking them, in this way our work, besides the rapidity, is very precise, and with a margin of error of  zero.

Accurate delivery
With the use of the described technology, the ‘technical’ advantage joins a typical economic advantage. The piece is made rapidly, and the consequence is avoiding the inactivity during the production. The work organization is rigorous and tested, the intervention time are sure and it’s possible the transport from/to the ordered company.