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Company Profile - Meccanica FB

portastampi-presseMeccanica FB was born in 1970, in Rezzato, as a third- party company. During the years, thanks to the considerable investments, that allowed the substitution the old equipments for technological equipments in order to optimize the work in terms of quality- time- cost, the company can improve business and increase its dimensions, for this reason the garage moved in 1998 in Brescia, where it is right now. The covered area of the garage is about 2.400 mq and it has an external area for the unloading. The location offers cleanliness and tidiness thanks to the shavings transport system that can enliven the metallic shaving, in every shape (short, normal, and long shaving) and in every nature (cast iron, steel, etc), along movable carpets positioned under the floor, shavings are collected in a box outside the garage and in the end they are sold off by specialized companies.

Meccanica FB has an important role in the mechanical precision  for presses, specifically for working mould-holder platens, boring connecting rods for presses, Casing press for injectors.

This company has 20 workers and it has a wide car park composed by 7 boring machines and 6 work centres. Our important feature is a well organized work, where the main aim is to satisfy the customer through the will of improving quality and competitiveness of our services with constant economic investments and with an expert and specialized staff and the respect of the working time.

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